Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lil' Wayne-The Carter 2 (clean)

this is the album right before li' weezy became the biggest selling rap star of '08. this is the second installment of the carter series (let's hope next album isn't 'the carter IV') and has some dope cuts on here. check it out.

Lil' Wayne-The Carter 2 (clean)


Not-Fat-80 said...

Before the world was introduced to Mr. Misunderstood-Styrofam Cup-Weezy-Winehouse there was this guy, Lil Wayne. Brother, where art thou? Phone home!Until then more to come

Count Mackula said...

Good looking by geting Tha Carter II (Clean) please can you get I & III?

Jake said...

i got a link for tha carter 3-


Red Black & Green said...
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Double U said...

An another Carter III link: