Wednesday, November 26, 2008

N*lly-Br*ss Knuckles (clean)

this is one that was found on the message boards. please go there to find the new new (i.e. some stuff i can't put up).

Nelly-Brass Knuckles (clean)

Mike Honcho Forums

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chingy-Jackpot (clean)

thanks for the hook-up onda chingy. more coming also, check the message boards.

Chingy-Jackpot (clean)
Mike Honcho Forums

Sunday, November 23, 2008

DJ Khaled-We Global (clean)/ MESSAGE BOARD

okay here's the new khaled. hope you enjoy. what i really wanna talk about is the new MESSAGE BOARD i put up.

some links i can't put on the site (some stuff you guys been asking about why they've been put down etc) is because the labels snatched em down. so certain stuff i'm not gonna put on the mike honcho. this is why i didn't post the k***e w*st new link or the new l**acris. so, this is why i started the message board.

you can post your requests, and certain links i can't put on the blog, i can put em on the message board or vice versa. and link people submit that i can put here i will do it.

but let's get the message board poppin:

Mike Honcho Forums

i've already started w/ some links i can't put on here. so check it out and enjoy yaself.

DJ Khaled-We Global (clean)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mo Betta Soul Radio

in the spirit of clean shit, i wanted to post up my man's podcast called 'mo betta soul radio vol. 1'. it's by dj dice d, and he's playing all the indy/underground hip-hop stuff with some soul. it's all clean so i thought it would be dope and fit the vibe here.

Mo' Betta Soul Radio Vol. 1 by DJ Dice D


aight, here you guys go. thanks to the watchman for the link that he put up. i know you've been asking for these joints. for those wondering why i didn't put some links back up, was because some of them were taken down by certain labels/artists. so i gotta be careful with new shit. here ya guys go.

T-Pa*n-Epiphany (clean)

Lil' Wayne-The Carter (clean)

the breakout album for this kid. we finally have em all up. thanks to jake for putting up the links.

Lil' Wayne-The Carter (clean)

DMX-Grand Champ (clean)

sorry for the delay. but i know you've been asking for the 'grand champ' by dmx and it's finally here. thanks to joey joe.

DMX-Grand Champ (clean)

EPMD-Back In Business (clean)

this album was the return of the green eyed bandit and parish. dope shit, thanks to dj joey joe for the hook up.

EPMD-Back In Business (clean)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updated Links & We Need to Talk

first up let me update you all on the links that's been replaced.

jay-z-blueprint 2 gift & curse (both-clean)

enjoy em. and on another note, just as a friendly f.y.i. i basically do this blog by myself (except when many people on here have been a BIIG help in uploading files etc.) so, to get it clear, when i get something clean, i get it up as soon as i can. please feel free to put requests, but please don't put the same request several times under different posts. when you guys ask for something, i do get the message. and anything on the list i get my hands on i will get up asap.

i love this site and glad to do this service, just understand it's a one man crew here and it takes at least half an hour to upload any album. any q's or comments please hit me up @ and i'm always down to help. remember alot of these clean albums are hard as hell to find since they're old etc. just know i'm trying as fast as i can. and if you have any clean stuff on your hardrive and have 30 mins, please upload and send links. that way we can benefit together and everything can't be on my shoulders.

and please, requests that have like 100 albums on it, it's just too much to take biggups. holla @ ya boy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Updated Links

okay, thanks for the patience of everybody. i know some links have gone down and it's like hell to try and get some back up. but i'm working on it. we have a new link for the n.e.r.d 'in seach of..' album. jay-z's 'blueprint disc two' is coming soon. biggups to obama, bitches!!!

updated link* N.E.R.D.-'In Search Of...' (clean)

Scarface-The Fix (clean)

'face came back with a classic back in '02. probably the most dependable rapper in the game, face has been doing it over 20 years. great production by kanye right after 'the blueprint.' great shit. biggups to joey bull for da hook up.

Scarface-The Fix (clean)

U.G.K.-Underground Kingz (clean)

rest in peace pimp c. this was the triumphant return of the underground kingz and the fucking sky was the limit. then the bottom fell out with the passing of pimp c. show your respect and love. 'int' anthem' is a frickin' classic song man. love it.

U.G.K.-Underground Kingz (clean) disc one

U.G.K.-Underground Kingz (clean) disc two

Murs-Murs for President (clean)

west-coast undergound meets commercial support. dope shit. check em out. hope yall voted today btw. easy.

Murs-Murs for President(clean)

2Pac-Pac's Life (clean)

doesn't it seem weird that someone like 2pac has released more albums since his passing then when he was alive? well, another addition in the catalogue of pac is 'pac's life,' full of collabs that were conducted with pro-tools and fancy editing. enjoy it. i think i may have some pac ghits clean to put up soon, be onda lookout.

2Pac-Pac's Life (clean)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

T.I.-T.I. Vs T.I.P. (clean)

this is the album right after the release of 'king.' you know, the one before the walgreens incident. a few dope cuts on here. peep it out.

T.I.-T.I. Vs T.I.P. (clean)

Freeway-Free At Last (clean)

the bearded one. this album wasn't bad and was exec produced by 50 cent. peep it out. *throws up roc sign*

Freeway-Free At Last (clean)

Lil' Wanye-The Carter 3 (clean)

i hate this cover, but at any rate, it's the biggest album of the year. not much i can say about it (especially while i post this with the t.v. on waiting for 'entourage').

enjoy it.

Lil' Wayne-The Carter 3 (clean)