Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updated Links & We Need to Talk

first up let me update you all on the links that's been replaced.

jay-z-blueprint 2 gift & curse (both-clean)

enjoy em. and on another note, just as a friendly f.y.i. i basically do this blog by myself (except when many people on here have been a BIIG help in uploading files etc.) so, to get it clear, when i get something clean, i get it up as soon as i can. please feel free to put requests, but please don't put the same request several times under different posts. when you guys ask for something, i do get the message. and anything on the list i get my hands on i will get up asap.

i love this site and glad to do this service, just understand it's a one man crew here and it takes at least half an hour to upload any album. any q's or comments please hit me up @ preach@preachjacobs.com and i'm always down to help. remember alot of these clean albums are hard as hell to find since they're old etc. just know i'm trying as fast as i can. and if you have any clean stuff on your hardrive and have 30 mins, please upload and send links. that way we can benefit together and everything can't be on my shoulders.

and please, requests that have like 100 albums on it, it's just too much to take in...lol. biggups. holla @ ya boy.


Fitz said...

this blog is extremely useful...def appreciate this whole thing you doin mike...

if i find any clean albums i'll email you links...but like you said it's hard to find clean albums on the net...once i found your blog it was a big relief lol..

DJ Mere One said...

tell em why you mad son!

babybubba said...

Id like to say thank you preach for doing all of this and keep up the good work bro..

Jake said...

can u update the link of lupe fiasco's-
food & liquor
the cool
zshare isnt working. thanks.

Anonymous said...

we appreciate what you do homie. I know I do. this site is dopeness.