Sunday, November 23, 2008

DJ Khaled-We Global (clean)/ MESSAGE BOARD

okay here's the new khaled. hope you enjoy. what i really wanna talk about is the new MESSAGE BOARD i put up.

some links i can't put on the site (some stuff you guys been asking about why they've been put down etc) is because the labels snatched em down. so certain stuff i'm not gonna put on the mike honcho. this is why i didn't post the k***e w*st new link or the new l**acris. so, this is why i started the message board.

you can post your requests, and certain links i can't put on the blog, i can put em on the message board or vice versa. and link people submit that i can put here i will do it.

but let's get the message board poppin:

Mike Honcho Forums

i've already started w/ some links i can't put on here. so check it out and enjoy yaself.

DJ Khaled-We Global (clean)


babybubba said...

nice preach ile holla at cha later peace bro hope you got that link

Double U said...

Hey I really need I'm Serious of T.I.!!
So, please send me the link!!

Double U said...

I'm Serious (Clean)

Thr33 Rngz (Clean)

Jamal said...

Could You Find Nas Illmatic (Clean)

Double U said...

Chingy - Jackpot (Clean)

Twenty One said...

Thanks For Jackpot Clean!

preach said...

hey, i'm trying to find the 'i'm serious' clean. i dunno if that was included w/ the links that someone sent to me a while back but i'll have to see.

it's gonna be a second because my macbook that i do most of this work on, is getting repaired. so give me til the weekend.

Double U said...

Link --> "Freedom (Clean)" I GOT IT [DON't SLEEP!!]


Double U said...

hey Preach wuz up witcha macbook?

preach said...

something's wrong where it can't stay on unless it's plugged in. i took it for repair and the circuit board has a shortage. so, it may be ready by monday.

rickydisme said...

go to for isouljaboytellem