Monday, December 15, 2008

U.G.K. joints

one of the most slept on duos and pride's of the south, ugk have been holding it down since the early 90s. it's hard to believe it's been a full year since pimp c passed. but the music still lives on. thanks to djbabyroo from texas, for the love.

UGK-Ridin Dirty (clean)
UGK-Dirty Money (clean) part 1 part 2


babybubba said...

dannng nice right here thnx djbabyroo and preach

Not-Fat-80 said...

yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!That's what I'm talking bout!! thanks, djbabyroo. Yo preach, when's the 2nd album droppin?

babybubba said...

a preach i need your e-mail address afm hit me up

MOSES said...

heay man. how you doing, been checking out your blog, it's interesting but can you upload some more albums and most importantly do u think it's possible to fix the gangstarr moment of truth link, jdilla's, the roots illasdelph albums.pleeeeeeaseeee i beg u , i really need these albums in clean.kind regards MOSES

scjoha said...

Props, love your site, good stuff here!
Complete clean version of Ridin Dirty - great!
I love it when clean version means that the artists actually changed the lyrics to "clean it up" rather than bleeping the cuss words out. are all albums you posted here with changed lyrics?

rooster46 said...

I know this post is old but i'm trying to get my hands on the instrumental for let me see it. Checked on Discogs and there was a comment there that said it existed. wondering if anybody got it