Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gangst*rr-Full Clip (clean 1 & 2)

i'm back yall! i know it seemed like i dropped the ball, but a brother's just been hella busy. my record store is closing down (and was a source of getting my hands on clean stuff). i got some new stuff for yall and this is one of em. gangstarr is one of my favorite groups, and this further proves why they are. check both discs. great ish.

Gangstarr-Full Clip (clean) part 1
part 2
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Jamal said...

Thanks For This Gang Starr Compilation Album.

elliS.D. said...

man this is awsome. welcome back. lol. i check this site every day man. thnx so much preach.


Anonymous said...

great f'n blog

hard to find stuff like this. its for the kids!!

any chance of a reup on the holy grail? reasonable doubt?

personal request - common - resurrection.

great stuff on here though, maynne. infinite props