Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dr. Dre-The Chronic (clean)

aww, the death row days. remember when all of their albums with every sentence being an 'f' bomb? me too. i wonder how this clean album will sound (might just be an instrumental based on how much is edited). but never the less i'm glad to have it. another gem dropped from knowone.

Dr. Dre-The Chronic (clean)


DJ Mere One said...

is this the 1 where someone just reversed all the curses in cool edit?

if so fawk that

preach said...

i haven't heard it yet. link was sent to me.

Squeek said...

Preach is the man...nuff said.

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY great site; good idea. I still live at home with the ol' folks so it's nice to put on something inoffensive now and again! Keep 'em coming!