Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nas-Untitled (clean)

we got it. thanks to squeek boogie once again who has been dropping golden nuggets left and right. this is the clean controversal nas album with wonderful songs like "friend chicken" (fantastic shit) and "sly fox." you see that? THAT JUST HAPPENED! SHAKE & BAKE!

Nas-Untitled (clean)


DJ Seven said...

Yo, appreciate the love you delivering by posting clean albums. I was on the radio for several years in VA and also have many clean albums in mp3 format as well as many many many clean singles. Lemme know if their is anything you are looking for and I will figure out how to post them for you and others. Good look.

Mike Manchild said...

Hey man, i've been doing college radio for a while now, and this stuff is great for my show. I do a mix of genres and i've been dying to play the new Nas album. I'll be sure to show you some love on my next show and give you credit for the music. Thanks!

Bigg Russ said...

Hey, man. Any chance of a re-up? Thanks in advance!