Monday, July 7, 2008

the roots-"things fall apart" (clean)

next to 'illadelph halflife' this might be my favorite roots album. this is the album where everything seemed to go right for the band, including a grammy for 'you got me'.
this is one i've been feening for. thanks to tREBLEFREE for the hook up. yezzur.

The Roots "Things Fall Apart" (clean)


Squeek Boogie said...

Yo your site ROCKS!!! I'm a true school hip hop head to the fullest and I just had a daughter so this is perfect! PLEASE keep up the good work, it is vey appreciated!!! THANKS!!!

Squeek Boogie said...

Also...I'd like to help you out to show you how much I appreciate your work on this blog. I have clean music I've been collecting over the past year and a half. I will upload as muchas I can and email you some links...what email address should I use?

preach said...

hey thanks squeek. my email you can hit me at is:

thanks homie

Dj Skeme said...

Hey Preach ! Could you PLEASE reup the Roots - Things Fall Apart album?

I would greatly appreciate it.