Tuesday, July 8, 2008

J Dilla-Ruff Draft (clean)

this is the ep that came out shortly after dilla passed away in '06. dope stuff on here. what else is there to say? check it out.

J Dilla-Ruff Draft (clean)

*link updated 2/6/09


Matt said...

Preciate your site man keep doing your thang!
I am spreading the word!

preach said...

thanks a million.

Eric said...

Hey man, can you re-up this link? I'm trying to do a Dilla tribute this weekend for my show. Thanks.

preach said...

send me your email address and i'll get it for ya.

peace. dherick@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Yo whatsup man, is there anyway you can re up this or email me please? Do a underground hiphop show and I defnitely could use this!!! If not its cool but I have to give you major props on the site...INSANE!