Wednesday, July 9, 2008

N.E.R.D.-In Search of... (clean)

this is the album that started it all. neptunes created that hybrid of hip-hop/rock/skateboard music that paved the way for lupe and other rappers that wear bright color gear. at anyrate, this is a wonderful album and i'm glad to finally get it clean so i can play it at work.

N.E.R.D.-In Search of...(clean)


Anonymous said...

The link here won't work. It never actually starts downloading. You got another link?

preach said...

i'll have to upload it again. send me your email address for when i get it done.

Eric said...

For sure. My email address is There are a few other links that are like that too, but I'm not sure which ones. Thanks.

Seth said...

yo can u hook me up too? i think all the old zshare links are like that up till a certain date. email me at
this is such a convenience thank u